After Care


The care of your lashes is extremely important if you want to keep them full for as long as possible. To ensure you get the most out of your lashes, we recommend you follow the rules below.

  • Brush morning and night

  • Gently cleanse your lashes with a lash shampoo every few day

  • Blow dry on a cool, low setting for 60 seconds after showering

  • Rinse with fresh, bottled water after salt or chlorine swims

  • AVOID intense heat such as open fires, ovens, heaters, lighters etc

  • Notify your lash stylist if irritation occurs


  • DO NOT get any water around your eye area for 48 hours 

  • DO NOT apply any oil based products around your eye area. The oil will break down the glue bond and you will lose your lashes at a rapid rate

  • DO NOT pull or tug on your lashes. Pulling out the extensions will pull out your natural lash causing damage.